Tuesday, May 27, 2014

A moment of bitterness.

I could taste it in my mouth.

Now it's settled in the pit of my stomach where it sits there, festering.

Cos' you were sick as fuck
But I never needed anyone
Make me strong
Run along
I have never had a dream
That was my own
Yeah you know
You were like a pill
But I never needed anyone to fill
What I didn't know
Wasn't even gone
I had it all along

Now you know.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

In light of certain posts in regards to Mother's Day,

No one has ever said that Mother's Day is the only day of the year to show appreciation for their mother.  It is a day--like all other holidays such as Father's Day, Valentine's Day or what have you--to celebrate.  Celebrations are occasional, appreciation should be daily.

Showing appreciation is different from celebrating something.

So get off your high horse, holier than thou, I'm better than this and different from the crowd attitude, and stop posting up your goddamn pictures with your momma starting off with lectures like "I don't believe in just appreciating one/two days of the year for my parents/you should be appreciating your momma everyday" bullshit because while you may not "believe" in that, interpreting this holiday under this view takes, rather than gives, meaning from it.

Why celebrate birthdays then, hypocrite?  Apparently you should be "appreciating" life everyday, so there's no point in setting a day out to make you or anyone feel particularly special.

Hipsters are such killjoys.

Just shut up and enjoy the day.

I'm not one to make
A big deal out of nothing

Where's the happy in the middle?