Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Push Ups & Knock Ups

M suggested that I make it my resolution to do 20 push ups by the end of the year.  Looking up at him from my wasabi peanuts, I snorted.

I'm pretty sure I've never even done 20 push ups in my lifetime.  When I asked him why, he said mildly, "I don't know, so you can lift a baby when the day comes."

Nice try.

Anyway, I've made it my resolution to not get pregnant—or at least not until I'm ready to share the sweet, foolish man that thinks I'm going to work out anything but our relationship .  The heaviest thing I lift these days is my heart.  It's so full of you.

Feels like this;
Your heart upon your sleeve.
There's a place,
In time and space,
We can all be free.

So meet me at the rainbow's end.
We don't even have to pretend
That we know what it is we're looking for,
We're looking for.

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